Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ten Predictions for 2014

1.  ACA will work out better than expected for those who needed it...Health Care costs will decrease overall by end of 2014. Some small Employers will "Dump" Employees into ACA Market Places but give them an employer subsidy to shop for plans they like.

2.   Costs of Medicare will go down sharply as more NON-Smoking Boomers enter the coverage pool and Greatest Generation dies off.

3.   Republicans will lose 30+ House of Representatives Seats as Negativity and Obsturction turns off Voters. Democrats pick up 2 Senate Seats in Washington giving Obama majority in both Houses of Congress.

4. Terrorism is not a factor in US or Europe...But a major concern in Araby as Shia-Sunni violence soars.

5.   Bear Market in Gold will End but Gold will not soar.  Gold hits $1500 by 2015. US Gasoline hits $4 in summer but goes back to $3.50 by end of year.

6.   Stock Bubble gives back most of 2013 Gains as Interest Rates Rise...US Economy slips back into technical Recession. FED QE continues with no decreases because of market conditions. Jobs & Wages stay dismal all year.

7.   Obama gets most of his 2d term agenda passed in New Congress as Fox News loses credibility with more wrong predictions~Tea Party becomes a minor fringe of GOP. Hannity is let go by Fox News.

8.   China has major Credit Crisis similar to Lehman Bros in 2008...which circles global markets causing brief plunge in stock prices...aftermath lingers for rest of 2014 in markets

9.   Russia & China play bigger roles in International Peace Keeping. Chinese investments in US Economy rise quickly as China dumps its Dollar Hoard for hard assets inside US.

10. Minimum Wage in US goes to $10.50 per hour.

Summary: The world teeters on the brink of Economic Catastrophe but does not jump into the Abyss. Peace Keeping moves East as US/Zionist Bloc is Checkmated by internal political and economic conditions.  Markets will gain until May of 2014.  But then give back all gains of 2013 by the end of 2014. World remains a House of Cards waiting for Next Big Thing to break the unsustainable Economic equilibrium