Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ten DoomsDay Scenarios for 2014...

1. Collapse of Global Credit Markets caused by Chinese Banking and Credit Collapse. (Somewhat Likely)

2.  Rogue Terrorists set off Nuclear Bomb in Major World Financial Capital. (Unlikely)

3.  Zionist-Iranian War Starts to spin out of control. (Very Possible)

4.   FED loses control of US Bond Market as Global Fear of Dollar Debasement spreads. (Possible)

5.   Republicans sweep US Elections and move to abolish FED. (Very Unlikely).

6.   Terrorism or Assassinations in Key Western Economies. (Unpredictable)

7.   Move to Dump the Dollar as reserve currency gains traction (Possible)

8.   Gasoline hits $5 per gallon in US. (Very Possible)

9.   Disruption of Food Supplies and Civil Unrest in US sparked by any of above. (Likely Response)

10. Military Coup in US to "Restore Order" because of Economic Collapse. (Possible)