Friday, April 7, 2017

Amazon is Changing Not Ebay Anymore

AZ Clearly Wants to Downsize its Small Seller Base.

The Overhead of maintaining Millions of inactive and small accounts must be a huge drag on time & resources.

First To Go are Retail Arbitragers & Flea Market "Dumpster Divers"...
They're initially charged with selling "Inauthentic" or "Counterfeit" Goods....Even though these items likely are genuine.


Then, they are required to produce Documents from Manufacturers Proving a "right to sell" those goods. If that doesn't work other "hoops" are set up To jump through...

Additionally, "Gating" and Large Fees are needed to sell in some Areas.

As to AZs Original "Used Book" Business?

AZ Thinks The Megas and a Few Large Active Sellers Can Supply That Market.

And Smaller Sellers Can Move To ABE or Other Venues.

Finally, as Its US Seller Base Shrinks, the Profitable China Seller Base Increases.

In a Year AZ will be a totally different place...

And Most Small Sellers will Be Gone.